How To Help Your Female Talent Pick The Right Role Models That Elevate Their Career

When it comes to moving along the career ‘wall’, finding the right role models can prove incredibly valuable. As an HR manager or leader of teams, it’s important that you are having a conversation with your female talent about role models, and providing them with the tools they need to select the ones that are going to make a positive difference in their careers. 

4 Ways To Create A Sponsorship Programme That Gets Results

If you knew that the majority of women in your organisation were missing out on critical support that would help them advance their career and boost your bottom line, would you agree that it’d be worth taking action to remedy it?

In this blog, we’re going to explore the challenges that need to be addressed to increase the number of women benefiting from sponsorship, which in turn will help fill your female talent pipeline and boost your bottom line.

Why Bespoke, Inclusive Training Improves Your Female Talent Pipeline

Why do you think gender disparity still exists in the workplace? What do you think is the reason that so few women reach the top of their organisations?

While time and money have been spent on researching why women still face challenging career prospects, unfortunately, companies continue to miss out on their diversity of talent.

Why The Right Sponsor Might Not Be An Obvious Choice

Do you tend to gravitate towards people like you? Or do you intentionally seek out people who are not like you in order to broaden your horizons?

There’s a common psychology principle that states that people tend to like people like themselves, but can you see how this might disadvantage you when it comes to choosing the right allies to help you accelerate your career?

How A Sponsor Can Help You Take Your Career Further

Having a sponsor is one of the top ways to help you advance your career – but it can also be a tricky dynamic to navigate.

In this blog, we’re going to explore the differences between a mentor and a sponsor, and how you can optimise your relationship with your sponsor to take your career further.

The 7 Benefits Of Live Online Training (you’ll love #4!)

Once upon a time, nobody would have believed that the world would become so happily reliant on the internet, yet here we are as an online training company celebrating over 7,000 graduates from across 56 countries.

Elevate Talent is on a mission to empower the female talent pipeline within your organisation and to equip women with the tools and skills they need to reach their career aspirations. Over the past six years, we’ve proven that live virtual training can bring a host of benefits that face to face training simply cannot achieve. 

Why Adding This Element To Help Build Trust Works Wonders

Thought leaders regularly share good advice on the different boxes that leaders need to tick to gain trust. Author Stephen M. R. Covey suggests that the key components are character and competence. In Think Like A Monk, author Jay Shetty expands on this belief to include care and consistency.

However, at Elevate Talent we’ve noticed that both formulas lack one element that is crucial to the rise of the mid-level female exec.

This Equation Will Help You Build Trust And Progress Your Career

What do you do when something goes wrong in the workplace? Are you the person who calmly helps to steer the ship? Are you really there when people need you?

I recently witnessed a situation where a customer asked a manager a polite question about a policy. The manager replied: “I am the manager here.” Reading between the lines, the manager was stating their authority as though to say that their word was “final”, with no consideration for the customer’s perspective. This can lead to an instant loss of trust.

5 Reasons To Value Female Leadership (And Why We Need To Redefine It)

An ecosystem requires diversity to thrive, and, likewise, by increasing diversity and inclusion in the workforce, we create a richer environment that offers increased growth and evolution.

For more than a century, the world has benefitted from the leadership strengths that men offer, but it’s time for a paradigm shift. Our needs have evolved and our leadership needs to evolve too.

Why We Need To Stop The Guesswork And Deliver Training Based On Data

How would you feel if someone gave you a bespoke solution to a career barrier you were facing, in a way that was easy for you to understand and implement?

At Elevate Talent, our thirst for knowledge enables us to deliver high-quality relevant content to support you to get the most out of your professional life and climb the career wall (which includes sideways steps to gain vital experience, rather than the typical vertical ladder).

How To Plan For Difficult Conversations And Create A Win-Win Outcome

What would you do if you’d been promoted and a few years later realised you hadn’t been given the pay rise that should have been assigned to your role? You might feel outraged or upset, but how proactive would you be about talking to your boss about it?

Whether we like it or not, remuneration is a powerful recognition of your abilities, and your job title helps represent your level of responsibility and expertise to the outside world. 

5 Key Benefits Of Facing Up To Difficult Conversations

At Elevate Talent, we dedicate part of our training to “winning at difficult conversations”, because we know that having the courage to face up to them can help you to build resilience, make good choices, and help you and your team achieve goals to the benefit of the whole company. Communication is key to business success; poor communication leads to disaster.

2 Female Superpowers That Will Change Your Business For The Better

One of the most effective ways you can revolutionise your business is to employ more women and tap into their superpowers of empathy and flexibility.

Data from the Pew Research Center in America showed that 59 per cent of adults said that they find female business leaders do a better job of being compassionate and empathetic than their male counterparts.

How You Can Support A better Future By Calling Out Gender Bias

If a female grows up believing that she is inferior to her male counterparts, how will she ever find the confidence to go for promotion? If a boy grows up believing that his perceived superiority is factually correct, where is the will to change it? The reality is that this is not a gender issue, it’s a human issue, and one that we each have the responsibility and power to address.

3 Reasons You Need To Adopt A Strategic Approach To Leadership

In Shakespeare’s romantic comedy Twelfth Night, Malvolio famously said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em”, and when it comes to leadership in the modern world, that statement is just as true!

Even if you don’t yet have a job title to match, good leadership and being a good leader will help you to create impact and progress your career.

4 Ways Listening Helps You To Create Impact And Elevate Your Career

Can you remember the last time you felt truly listened to? Can you remember an occasion where you felt dismissed by the person you were talking to, or felt that they were only “half listening”?

The quality of your listening impacts the quality of your conversations with colleagues and clients, which has the potential to accelerate or limit your career progression.

A 10-Step Strategy To Help You Positively Impact Your Career

When you stop to consider that every single thing you say and do has the potential to significantly impact your career, you realise how much power you have as an individual!

As human beings, we love to know when we’re creating a positive impact but it’s also human nature to want to avoid conflict, so if you’re creating a negative impact, it’s possible that nobody will tell you for fear of making the situation worse.

Why Most Training Incentives Don’t Create Positive Change

If you continue through your career without exploring your own unconscious bias, you will likely limit opportunities or cause offence. If you want to be the best version of yourself (and maximise your career opportunities), you need to be able to assess if what you say could be considered racist, ageist, sexist or insulting to any other person (whether or not that was your intention).

If you are the head of an organisation who wants to recruit and retain the best talent in your industry, you need to recognise the biases that might stand in the way and take action to eradicate them.

Could This Be The Real Reason Women Are Promoted Less Often?

There is a theory, The Peter Principle, that states that people tend to be promoted to a role based on their competency in previous roles. However, they are likely to rise to a level at which they are no longer competent because their skill set does not lend itself well to the new role. 

What if The Peter Principle is not only about gender? What if it’s also about personality types?

Why Strategic Thinking Will Help You Progress Your Career Faster

Do you feel you deserve to be promoted because you put in the hours and you’re good at your job? Would you be surprised to know that it makes very little difference to your chances of success?

By the end of this blog, you will have the tools you need to increase your ability to deliver your project goals to the highest standard and progress your career.

How Strategic Planning Can Help You Avoid A Career Catastrophe

Once women have decided where they want to take their careers, there’s often a real enthusiasm and drive to take immediate action.

However, without strategic planning, there’s a risk that you’ll hem yourself into a role you don’t want or can’t progress from, or that you’ll find the job isn’t what you hoped for.

Why Developing A United Front To Women’s Leadership Is So Powerful

Adopting a united front when it comes to developing the female talent pipeline helps to build stronger female leaders and directly benefits the employer.

When we founded Elevate Talent six years ago, the responsibility for women’s leadership training programmes tended to sit under specific departments (for example, learning and development or diversity and inclusion), meaning the management and costs were not being shared with the businesses. 

5 Key Steps To Creating An Effective Mentor-Mentee Relationship

In last week’s blog, we talked about why strategic alliances are useful to help you progress your career. This week we turn the spotlight on how to get the most out of your mentor-mentee relationship so that it inspires both of you, and gets results.

Elevate Talent has recently attended the launch of the BeyondMentoring programme at Women on the Wharf, a fantastic London cross company initiative by Di Black, Sam Cooper-Gray, Sheila Dunk and Catherine Flower. 

Why Strategic Alliances Are Useful (And What You Need To Do In Advance)

Most of us are familiar with the acronym TEAM (together everyone achieves more), but have you considered the power of forming a strategic alliance with a specific purpose in mind?

Joining forces with a colleague or individual who shares your vision and values can be a fantastic way to help you both progress your careers.

How To Get The Most Out Of Training Seminars And Boost Your Career

The women who join our programme are career minded and often already doing well, but they want to perform at their optimum. Through our programme, they get great results because of their open attitude, what they learn, the ongoing support, and the relationships and strategic alliances (more on that in next week’s blog) that develop over time.

As facilitators and experts in training, we know that the delegates who get the most out of the training tend to follow three steps (these also work well for any other training):

The Importance Of Working “On” Your Career, Not Just “In” It

What’s your career strategy? What are your professional goals this year? Are you focussed?

At Elevate Talent many of our coaching clients face a high-level challenge: they are heavily invested in the work that they do in their career, but as a result, they devote very little time to working on their career, which can lead to long-term dissatisfaction. 

What It Takes To Become A Great Leader (And Why It Starts With You)

If you are committed to becoming a leader, you need to have a plan and remember that even in times of chaos you still need to have a plan. If you don’t, you have a recipe for disaster and that rarely leads to leadership.

You are in charge of furthering your plan to become a leader. The self-awareness and skills you develop along the way will help give you the edge when it comes to taking that next step.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Are A Lost Cause (And What To Do Instead)

While I don’t advocate making a New Year’s resolution, I fully support setting achievable goals that matter to you. Your dedication to achieving an outcome will help you to make better quality decisions; you can check if that decision will take you closer to or further away from your goal.

Have you ever set yourself a New Year’s resolution only to find that by the end of January you’ve let it slide, and by the end of February you can’t even remember what it was?

5 Of Our Best Blogs To Help Elevate Your Career And Business In 2022

We launched Elevate Talent five years ago to help engage, empower and elevate women in mid-level positions, and we support businesses to develop and nurture their female talent pipelines (more on that in a moment). We now operate in 56 countries worldwide and have facilitated career progression for more than 8,000 women.

3 Positive Outcomes From 2021 (and why we need to stay awake!)

You can ask a room full of people whether 2021 was positive or negative and you’ll find as many answers as there are individuals.

I think most people would agree that the world is now a very different place due to Covid-19, but whether we view it in a positive or negative light is entirely dependent on our own personal factory settings (our belief systems).

Busting The Myths Of What It Really Takes To Be A Great Leader

Would you be a good leader? Do you have what it takes?  Do you view leadership as full of perks or littered with sacrifices?

At Elevate Talent we’ve discovered that many women shy away from leadership roles because they think they come at a high price. They already feel stretched to the limit in their careers (and home life) and see leadership as an additional source of pressure and responsibility. 

2 Ways To Increase Your Company’s Ability To Retain Female Talent

If you knew there was a way to retain 47% of your female talent pipeline (instead of constantly spending time and money on recruitment), would you want to know about it?

Elevate Talent has recently hosted a roundtable discussion on how best to double a company’s female talent pipeline. The conclusion we reached was powerful: retain existing talent.

A 4-Step Blueprint To Help You Negotiate With Confidence

Developing good negotiation skills can make a real difference in your career; instead of potentially being stuck on a low salary or in a job you hate, these skills can help you to climb the corporate ladder and create a life that you love.

When you receive a pay rise, promotion, secure a new business opportunity or additional support that frees up your time, it increases your confidence and motivation.

Why Redressing Gender Imbalance Is A Triple Win

I met Sky’s UK chief operating officer, Chris Stylianou OBE, at a women’s event in 2018 where he was part of an all-male panel. Chris is a great ambassador for redressing the gender imbalance.

Redressing the workforce gender imbalance creates a hat-trick of wins: it’s a win for the organisation, the employee, and for clients who want to see greater inclusivity and support organisations that align with their values.

How Asking For More Can Help Redress The Gender Pay Gap

Research shows that men are 40% more likely to be promoted into management roles than women, and many businesses openly acknowledge that a gender pay gap (how much male employees earn on average compared to female employees) still exists in their company.

This creates a vicious cycle; it’s demotivating for women to negotiate only to continue to be paid less, knocked back for promotion or overlooked for new opportunities.

A 3-Step Blueprint To Help You Delegate Better And Free Up Time

I’ve personally been reflecting on the benefits of delegation; autumn was a big transition for my family. In addition to running Elevate Talent, we moved house and both my children went to university. If I hadn’t been able to delegate, I’d have lost my sanity!

I love my work and I love to allocate tasks because it gives me the power to prioritise and choose how I spend my time (and builds a more effective team). Delegation is the ultimate collaboration. At Elevate Talent we teach the acronym TAR so the process is easy to remember:

1+3=0: What This Equation Has To Do With Securing Your Talent Pipeline

Forecasts show that it could take between 30 and 90 years before there is any hope of gender parity in leadership positions. It’s also well documented that there are many business advantages to be gained from employing a diverse workforce (sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, disabilities, cognitive diversity, and so on).

Elevate Talent focuses on redressing the gender imbalance in leadership roles. Fifty per cent of the UK population is female, yet the vast majority of board memberships, executive committee positions and executive roles are still held by white men.

How Being Mindful Of Our Language Can Build Better Relationships In The Workplace

Language evolves, but there is no universal agreement on exactly what’s appropriate in the workplace; what offends one person might be completely acceptable to another. 

At Elevate Talent we’re passionate about supporting women in that mid-level position to create impact, take more control of their career and reach their full potential, and one thing that can really help or hinder that progression is how we build relationships.  

The Difference Between Delegating And Abdicating (And Why It Matters)

There’s a standing joke that we each have the same number of hours in our day as Beyonce, yet she has time to be a singer, songwriter, actor, charity founder, dancer, businesswoman, wife, mother, and she’s even courted politics.

Beyonce says her secret is hard work and self-sacrifice, and in addition to that I’m certain it comes down to her ability to delegate and accept support. Nobody can do all these things without help and support from people around them.

Three Simple Ways To Get Noticed By Your Boss And Boost Your Career

When we shy away from being visible in the workplace, we are doing ourselves, and others, a disservice.

Because “visibility” is so often misunderstood, we asked participants at an Elevate Talent session to share their definition and they came up with some interesting suggestions. That’s because when we think about visibility, it seems we are thinking about ourselves.

The EPIC Formula – An Easy-To-Follow Method To Progress In Your Career

What do you think helps you to progress in your career?

Elevate Talent carried out research that clearly shows what you need to do in order to climb the career “wall” – but why “wall” and not “ladder”? The career wall includes sideways moves into roles that help you build experience and increase your chances of being considered for promotion; the typical career ladder sees you only moving upwards (into roles that may have previously been blocked due to a lack of experience).

How To Be More Visible In The Workplace And Get Promoted (Without Being Pushy)

When you hear the word visibility what springs to mind?

Do you think of colleagues bragging or blowing their own trumpet? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Being good at your job is not enough to get you promoted; people who get ahead tend to have good visibility. At Elevate Talent we share strategies and tactics that help you increase your visibility without bragging, boasting or being overly pushy.

How Priming Improves The Perception Of Your Professional Performance

If you knew that there was a simple yet powerful way you could feel and demonstrate your confidence in the workplace so that it was recognised by others, would you be interested in finding out more?

I’d love to introduce you to priming; a technique shared by motivational author and thought leader Tony Robbins.

4 Ways Businesses Could Benefit From A Flexible Mindset When It Comes To Change

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about change? Would it surprise you to know that most people associate change with loss?

When we shift our mindset and attitude to change in the workplace we can create a huge competitive advantage; research shows that the best performing companies know how to cope with and take advantage of change.

How To Project Confidence Your Own Way

Male and female leaders agree that one of the most important traits for effective leadership is confidence.

This is a conundrum since women are often told that a lack of confidence holds them back in their careers, but our surveys at Elevate Talent (we develop the female talent pipeline, ensuring that there’s equal opportunity for women to thrive and reach their full career potential), show that women themselves don’t feel that they lack confidence.

How Negative Feedback Can Help Boost Your Career

One of the most important parts of anyone’s career advancement is feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is how we grow, how we learn and, ultimately, how we improve as a person.

If we’re not getting the right feedback, or the feedback has been delivered in a way that is not easy for us to receive, we’re not getting that critical information that will help us become better at whatever we do and provide us with more opportunities for career advancement.

The Major Opportunities Of Being More Diverse In Your Business

In the world of business, we now have an audience of women around the globe who have much higher purchasing power than they’ve ever had before.

There are more women in the workforce, more women earning their own money, and more women making major decisions in the household too. 

This huge shift creates a major opportunity for businesses that understand the importance of diversity and consumer choice. 

3 Major Benefits Of Retaining Your Best People – And 3 Ways To Do It

Over the last ten years, I and the Elevate Talent team have been looking at how organisations can ensure they have a steady pipeline of talented women, from all over the world, moving up to senior-level positions in the workplace, and the commercial benefits that this pipeline can provide.

However, over the last ten years, there seems to have been a lot more focus on recruitment  than retention when it comes to diversity.

A Few Powerful Tips On How To Navigate Office Politics

Over the last five years, we have asked thousands of women from different companies, countries and cultures who are partaking in the Elevate programme to respond to the following statement: I know how to navigate office politics.

The results we have got consistently over the years show us that only 4% of women “strongly agree” that they know how to navigate office politics! 

When Does Pointing Out Gender Help Women?

On 10 April 2021, Rachael Blackmore galloped to victory in the Grand National. An amazing accomplishment for any human being.

However, what also made the news was that she was the first woman to become a Grand National champion. In a sport that, for reasons that make no sense to me, has been dominated by men, this was perhaps an equally incredible accomplishment.

The Powerful And Positive Impact Of Saying No To People

How good are you at saying no? In one of our webinars, we asked this same question to over 1,200 women in over 50 countries and found out that only 2% of women thought they were brilliant at it!

Of the rest, 14% went with option B (Pretty Good), 57% with C (Depends) and 27% went with D (Terrible).

This means that one in four women thought they were terrible at saying no.

The Main Things Draining Your Energy – And How To Stop Them

A lot of people like to talk about finding new ways to boost your energy. It’s the subject of tons of blogs out there, and over the last 12 months, it’s certainly become a very hot topic amongst busy professionals.

However, from my experience, I don’t believe that my clients – women in that mid-level position – are looking for an energy boost. Instead, they want to understand how best to conserve and direct the energy they do have.

The 3 Main Reasons Why Women Leave Their Jobs – With 3 Unique Stories

Nowadays, it is well known that a company’s most important asset is its people. That means that, as business leaders, our top priority should be making sure we keep as many exceptional people as possible within our organisations.

This blog will share three stories from three very different clients who left their companies for the same three reasons I have seen occur time and time again.

What These 3 Awesome Books Taught Me About Inclusion

Ever since I started coaching, I’ve always been concerned that we’ve played a blame game when it comes to equal representation and inclusion in the workplace.

The Equality Act and other gender equality initiatives of the past were primarily focused on “fixing” a problem, which suggests that someone is at fault. Before, inclusion was about “fixing” our working women, but recently, it has moved over to this need to try to “fix” men.

A Top Tip On How To Skyrocket Productivity

One of the main challenges many of us have faced over the last 12 months is finding ways to manage our time effectively.

The feedback we have received from our global community of professional women, is that they have less time now than ever before. Working from home means they have had to juggle so many more things simultaneously, which often leads to spending time doing things that, whilst urgent, aren’t going to advance their careers.

Why Kamala Harris Is NOT A Silver Bullet: How To Ensure Consistent Female Representation

2021 has got off to a great start for women in politics. On January 20th, Kamala Harris became the first female, first black and first Asian-American US vice president. Then, on January 26th, Estonia became the only country led by all women, with Kersti Kaljulaid (elected president) and Kaja Kallas (elected prime minister) currently in charge.

Welcome To The Elevate Talent Blog!

For the last 10 years, we’ve made it our goal to coach, inspire and elevate women in the corporate world, with a focus on the area that is frequently overlooked – women in the mid-level position.

This new blog series is for them and the senior leaders who contribute to their growth.

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The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) and Unilever 2021 Inclusion in Tech Flexi Festival will take place on 24, 25 and 26 Feb – with 3 short sessions each day.