The Difference Between Delegating And Abdicating (And Why It Matters)

There’s a standing joke that we each have the same number of hours in our day as Beyonce, yet she has time to be a singer, songwriter, actor, charity founder, dancer, businesswoman, wife, mother, and she’s even courted politics.

Beyonce says her secret is hard work and self-sacrifice, and in addition to that I’m certain it comes down to her ability to delegate and accept support. Nobody can do all these things without help and support from people around them.

Three Simple Ways To Get Noticed By Your Boss And Boost Your Career

When we shy away from being visible in the workplace, we are doing ourselves, and others, a disservice.

Because “visibility” is so often misunderstood, we asked participants at an Elevate Talent session to share their definition and they came up with some interesting suggestions. That’s because when we think about visibility, it seems we are thinking about ourselves.

The EPIC Formula – An Easy-To-Follow Method To Progress In Your Career

What do you think helps you to progress in your career?

Elevate Talent carried out research that clearly shows what you need to do in order to climb the career “wall” – but why “wall” and not “ladder”? The career wall includes sideways moves into roles that help you build experience and increase your chances of being considered for promotion; the typical career ladder sees you only moving upwards (into roles that may have previously been blocked due to a lack of experience).

How To Be More Visible In The Workplace And Get Promoted (Without Being Pushy)

When you hear the word visibility what springs to mind?

Do you think of colleagues bragging or blowing their own trumpet? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Being good at your job is not enough to get you promoted; people who get ahead tend to have good visibility. At Elevate Talent we share strategies and tactics that help you increase your visibility without bragging, boasting or being overly pushy.

How Priming Improves The Perception Of Your Professional Performance

If you knew that there was a simple yet powerful way you could feel and demonstrate your confidence in the workplace so that it was recognised by others, would you be interested in finding out more?

I’d love to introduce you to priming; a technique shared by motivational author and thought leader Tony Robbins.

4 Ways Businesses Could Benefit From A Flexible Mindset When It Comes To Change

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about change? Would it surprise you to know that most people associate change with loss?

When we shift our mindset and attitude to change in the workplace we can create a huge competitive advantage; research shows that the best performing companies know how to cope with and take advantage of change.

How To Project Confidence Your Own Way

Male and female leaders agree that one of the most important traits for effective leadership is confidence.

This is a conundrum since women are often told that a lack of confidence holds them back in their careers, but our surveys at Elevate Talent (we develop the female talent pipeline, ensuring that there’s equal opportunity for women to thrive and reach their full career potential), show that women themselves don’t feel that they lack confidence.

How Negative Feedback Can Help Boost Your Career

One of the most important parts of anyone’s career advancement is feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is how we grow, how we learn and, ultimately, how we improve as a person.

If we’re not getting the right feedback, or the feedback has been delivered in a way that is not easy for us to receive, we’re not getting that critical information that will help us become better at whatever we do and provide us with more opportunities for career advancement.

The Major Opportunities Of Being More Diverse In Your Business

In the world of business, we now have an audience of women around the globe who have much higher purchasing power than they’ve ever had before.

There are more women in the workforce, more women earning their own money, and more women making major decisions in the household too. 

This huge shift creates a major opportunity for businesses that understand the importance of diversity and consumer choice. 

3 Major Benefits Of Retaining Your Best People – And 3 Ways To Do It

Over the last ten years, I and the Elevate Talent team have been looking at how organisations can ensure they have a steady pipeline of talented women, from all over the world, moving up to senior-level positions in the workplace, and the commercial benefits that this pipeline can provide.

However, over the last ten years, there seems to have been a lot more focus on recruitment  than retention when it comes to diversity.

A Few Powerful Tips On How To Navigate Office Politics

Over the last five years, we have asked thousands of women from different companies, countries and cultures who are partaking in the Elevate programme to respond to the following statement: I know how to navigate office politics.

The results we have got consistently over the years show us that only 4% of women “strongly agree” that they know how to navigate office politics! 

When Does Pointing Out Gender Help Women?

On 10 April 2021, Rachael Blackmore galloped to victory in the Grand National. An amazing accomplishment for any human being.

However, what also made the news was that she was the first woman to become a Grand National champion. In a sport that, for reasons that make no sense to me, has been dominated by men, this was perhaps an equally incredible accomplishment.

The Powerful And Positive Impact Of Saying No To People

How good are you at saying no? In one of our webinars, we asked this same question to over 1,200 women in over 50 countries and found out that only 2% of women thought they were brilliant at it!

Of the rest, 14% went with option B (Pretty Good), 57% with C (Depends) and 27% went with D (Terrible).

This means that one in four women thought they were terrible at saying no.

The Main Things Draining Your Energy – And How To Stop Them

A lot of people like to talk about finding new ways to boost your energy. It’s the subject of tons of blogs out there, and over the last 12 months, it’s certainly become a very hot topic amongst busy professionals.

However, from my experience, I don’t believe that my clients – women in that mid-level position – are looking for an energy boost. Instead, they want to understand how best to conserve and direct the energy they do have.

The 3 Main Reasons Why Women Leave Their Jobs – With 3 Unique Stories

Nowadays, it is well known that a company’s most important asset is its people. That means that, as business leaders, our top priority should be making sure we keep as many exceptional people as possible within our organisations.

This blog will share three stories from three very different clients who left their companies for the same three reasons I have seen occur time and time again.

What These 3 Awesome Books Taught Me About Inclusion

Ever since I started coaching, I’ve always been concerned that we’ve played a blame game when it comes to equal representation and inclusion in the workplace.

The Equality Act and other gender equality initiatives of the past were primarily focused on “fixing” a problem, which suggests that someone is at fault. Before, inclusion was about “fixing” our working women, but recently, it has moved over to this need to try to “fix” men.

A Top Tip On How To Skyrocket Productivity

One of the main challenges many of us have faced over the last 12 months is finding ways to manage our time effectively.

The feedback we have received from our global community of professional women, is that they have less time now than ever before. Working from home means they have had to juggle so many more things simultaneously, which often leads to spending time doing things that, whilst urgent, aren’t going to advance their careers.

Why Kamala Harris Is NOT A Silver Bullet: How To Ensure Consistent Female Representation

2021 has got off to a great start for women in politics. On January 20th, Kamala Harris became the first female, first black and first Asian-American US vice president. Then, on January 26th, Estonia became the only country led by all women, with Kersti Kaljulaid (elected president) and Kaja Kallas (elected prime minister) currently in charge.

Welcome To The Elevate Talent Blog!

For the last 10 years, we’ve made it our goal to coach, inspire and elevate women in the corporate world, with a focus on the area that is frequently overlooked – women in the mid-level position.

This new blog series is for them and the senior leaders who contribute to their growth.

Inclusion in Tech Flexi Festival sponsored by Unilever: Tough Conversations For Meaningful Solutions

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) and Unilever 2021 Inclusion in Tech Flexi Festival will take place on 24, 25 and 26 Feb – with 3 short sessions each day.