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The Company

Elevate Talent is founded on a decade of running senior leadership programmes and has provided coaching and training to over 20,000 women worldwide. This experience has shown us what skills truly make a difference to women’s careers and lives, and what has the biggest impact.

While progress has been made in terms of more women occupying leadership positions, equal representation is far from being achieved. But this is simply a numbers game. The larger the talent pipeline, the greater the number of future female leaders.

For forward thinking companies who want to create a truly diverse workforce, providing learning and development opportunities for your female pipeline is fundamental to success.

If you’re not supporting your future female leaders, you will be left behind.

We need to create change.

We need to make it easier for women to reach their full potential.

We need to do it now.

Engage. Empower. Elevate.

Jacqueline Frost Elevate Talent

Jacqueline Frost, founder of Elevate Talent, has a background of running sales desks in Investment Banking. Thanks to this, she is well versed in the challenges of a highly pressured corporate career.  Given her experience and the fact that she was the only female serving on the Executive Committee, she began coaching and mentoring senior female executives to share her tips and strategies. It became apparent that if these talented women had access to learn these skills and knowledge earlier in their career,  then it would have made a big difference to their abilities to lead, to contribute and to be heard. It would also have had a big impact on others aspects of their lives also.

Was there a way to reach many more women, from many companies, many industries and many countries to share these powerful tools and encourage them to become the great leaders they can be?

It turns out the answer was yes.

Welcome to Elevate.

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