Registration Questions

  • I didn’t receive the webinar invite

If you have registered for Elevate and are a current user you will have been sent the invites but they do sometimes go into junk or spam. Please check these folders and search for emails from [email protected]. Please contact IT and ask them to whitelist all emails from us and if you still can’t find the invite please email us at [email protected]

  • I can no longer attend the session I registered for, can I register for the other session?

Yes you are welcome to register for the other session.  Please let us know so that we can stop the reminders for the original session you registered for and release the place.

  • If I cannot attend the live session – how do I get the recording?

As long as you register for one of the live webinars each month you will automatically be sent a link to the recording of the session and will have 14 days to listen to it.

  • How do I access the recording?

The email that is sent the day after the live webinars gives you a link to access the recordings. If you haven’t been to the membership area you will need to register by clicking on the button in the email. If you have already registered you can access the video and all theory sheets here https://www.elevatetalent.co.uk/login/

  • I have logged in but I can’t find the videos

If you have logged in and you don’t see the videos please log out and clear your cache and then re-login.  If you still can’t see them and you are logged in please use this link https://www.elevatetalent.co.uk/videos

  • I don’t have the Theory Sheets (Preparation sheet/Worksheet/ Action Sheet).

The Prep sheet is sent in the email when you register and a reminder is  sent  7 days before the webinar.

The Worksheet, which accompanies the webinar is sent out a few days before  and on the day of the webinar.

The Action Sheet is available the day after the webinar and the link is included in the same email as the replay link.

They can also be accessed via the Members’ Area by logging in here https://www.elevatetalent.co.uk/login/ The link to the sheets is below the relevant webinar.

  • Do I need to re-register if my email changes?

Yes you will need to re-register and will be sent with a confirmation link which you need to accept to be part of the Elevate programme

  • I am locked out of the Membership area.

If you are a current member who has registered for access previously please request a new password on the login page of the website. If you have never had access please click the link on the email following the webinar or email us directly at [email protected]

Webinar Questions

  • Can I join on the phone and hear the audio only?

You can. In the emails in the few days before and on the day of the webinar, there are dial in numbers for the countries available. However, we would encourage you to login to the webinar online so that you can fully participate but also so that we know you have participated and are sent the correct follow up email. You can do this from any device including a computer.

  • How do I make comments and answer the questions which are asked?

To participate in the discussion online type your comments in the question box which is usually in the top right hand side of your screen. You may need to click on the arrow to open this box fully. If you are on a tablet you can access the box from the ‘?’ in the corner.

  • I can’t see what comments other people are making.

Currently the system doesn’t allow us to share a view of what is being typed by people. That said we also need to make sure people can comment anonymously and the feedback we get is that attendees prefer the anonymity.  We do our best to read out as many comments as we can so please do continue to participate.

  • How do I take part in the polls?

When a poll is loaded you participate by clicking on the white button next to the option you want to select. Some polls are single answers and some you can answer as many as you wish.   This choice is given at the top and we also let you know which it is. Single choice answers will add up to 100% whereas multiple answers do not.

  • The sound quality isn’t perfect

We work hard to manage the webinars in a way that limits the amount of bandwidth used. The quality you receive the audio with is dependent on the bandwidth where you listen to it. We know more than 90% of participants hear the webinars with no issues at all and only a tiny proportion have a lot of issues. If the sound quality isn’t perfect please close all browsers and any other applications on your PC/Tablet. If this is not successful then please consider changing where you listen to a location with better bandwidth.

  • Can I get a copy of the slides?

We do not give copies of the slides.  We are not doing this to be mean – we do this as the science behind learning shows that in fact they hinder rather than help.   After each webinar, the goal is take 2 or 3 actions at the most to focus on – this is much more useful to and supportive of career development than having notes on everything that was said.

  • Can I have the worksheet in a writable format?

Yes.  All three of the Theory sheets are in Word documents so you can choose to type in your responses or print out and write them in.

If you have any further questions,  please email us at [email protected]