Elevate Talent Values

At Elevate Talent, we’re hungry to amaze our customers and grow the business. We punch above our weight as a small business providing a global service to large multinational companies. But we’re also focused on the quality-of-life of our team, and as a profitable company (without outside investment!) we’re able to support a very healthy work-life balance.

-1- Provide the best client experience

We know our clients are time short. They are stretched and overwhelmed and put others first. Elevate is for them – to help them put more focus on themselves and their careers. To achieve this:

  • We make their journey with us as easy as possible. Everything we do focuses on giving them the best experience at every interaction.
  • We ensure there are high attendance rates at the live sessions. Our processes and systems are designed to maximise the ‘live’ attendance rates.

-2- Take a ‘responsible initiative’ approach

Responsible initiative is when we present solutions, not problems. Everyone can solve problems and remove barriers to growth — both in our own roles and for the company. We are quick to raise issues and ideas, and to recommend next steps.

We own our role, are reliable and see every task through to completion. We make it easier for others so they can depend on us by being proactive in our communication and action.

-3- Pay attention to detail

We believe in high quality of everything we do.  We expect high attention-to-detail of ourselves and others, whether it’s in how we write an email, review our data, or build a campaign. We strive in getting the details right, even in our internal discussions.

High attention to detail isn’t something we turn on and off — it’s in our approach and attitude in everything we do.

-4- Always look to improve

We survive and grow by constantly looking for opportunities to improve our solutions, our processes and ourselves. We strive to improve our skills and expect each other to proactively look for opportunities to develop our own performance – both personally and professionally.

We own our mistakes and use them as an opportunity to learn what changes we should make to processes and tools.

-5- Have fun!

Our health and our families (including dogs & Seth!) are more important than work.

We are open and honest with each other about any issues arising in all aspects of our lives so that we can support each other in overcoming these problems and achieving our goals.

We’re positive and enthusiastic — and bringing a ‘can-do’ energy that leads us to greater success. We believe the journey is more important than the destination and ensure we enjoy every step of it.