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Elevate is a simple, scalable virtual programme that equips leaders and managers with the skills and knowledge to accelerate everyone from the bottom to the top, getting the very best out of both genders

Elevate delivers results:

When we surveyed our participants

Our participants are engaged, empowered and elevated

Here’s what our Volvo programme managers have to say about us:

“Elevate webinars have been a huge success within the Volvo Group. There has been a high demand among our women for the webinars, more that we initially thought. The word has spread among our female employees that this is a really good opportunity for all women who want to develop in their career. It is easy accessible, we reach out globally, it is easy to fit one hour per month instead of one full day of training, and you get much value for the money invested. I can highly recommend Elevate Webinars to any organisation that wants to develop their female employees!”

Alexandra Alfredsson
Learning Program Manager
Leadership and Management Academy
Volvo Group University

“Webinars for Women in Leadership by Elevate UK was one of the best trainings I have undertaken last year. Revolving around the EPIC model, I have discovered that I need to:-

Accept myself – To be more self-conscious and accept that there are others in this journey, just like me

Invest in myself – To acknowledge and find areas that I need to improve and to challenge myself to get one step further, every time

Invest in others – To share what I have learnt and to recommend other’s to be a part of this journey

In the 12 months I spend, I have done this subconsciously and with minimum effort because the learnings are simple and effective. I can vouch that I have become less self-critical and more self-accepting. I truly want to invest in self myself and others so as to be each other’s support and to create a better community. Though it explicitly states it is for women, the greatest win is that this webinar is valuable for everyone (even for a male colleague) as it builds the emotional intelligence of an individual.

I have recommended this to two of my colleagues and will continue to recommend it going forward.”

Vinitha Varghese Oommen
Senior Learning Delivery Specialist
Leadership and Management Academy
Volvo Group University

And here’s what some of our participants are saying:

“The online lessons are like a “stock cube”, highly compressed, high-quality concentrate. If you work through the worksheets you get a full picture and understanding of the learning content.”

Simone Weber

“Professionally, I did many things that Elevate covers, but what the program gave me was a conscious structure and meaning to when and why I should make those decisions and actions. It’s like having an organized tool box, the ability to access the right tools for each situation, and now I’ve been shown how to start using the tools properly. What I build with those tools is now on my shoulders, but I’ve been given a great foundation.”

Jennifer Makanoff
Manager of Sourcing and P2P

“This program has highlighted and made me aware of the attitudes and potentials that I already had, at the same time it helped me to understand how to further develop and improve them in a constructive, effective and above all achievable way in the daily working life”

Marta Ortolani

I must say I am loving the Elevate Webinars. Very practical. Very useful. Very applicable.”

Joy Aboim
Business Development Manager

“I learn something new each and every time. Something tangible that I can take away and apply immediately. Highly recommended for those who are serious about their career.”

Jan Sinclair
Global Immigration Lead for MAO & JV
Connecting Women Lead for UKI

“I really liked the back and forth discussions and the real life examples. Definitely makes subject more relatable. I am CMII certified and PROCI certified. I found this much more engaging as it was a quick time investment with highlights on the most important concepts. Well done!”

Jennifer Poore
Smith Nephew

– What other clients say about us too –

Women make up 49% of the global workforce…

…yet 33% of businesses around the world still have no females in senior management positions

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