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Meet The Team!

The people behind the Elevate webinars, all doing what they do brilliantly to help deliver exceptional leadership training.

Jacqueline Frost - Founder and Creative Director
Jacqueline Frost - Founder and Creative Director

Jacqueline has a background of running sales desks in Investment Banking. Thanks to this, she is well versed in the challenges of a highly pressured corporate career.  Given her experience and the fact that she was the only female serving on the Executive Committee, she began coaching and mentoring senior female executives to share her tips and strategies. It became apparent that if these talented women had access to learn these skills and knowledge earlier in their career,  then it would have made a big difference to their abilities to lead, to contribute and to be heard. It would also have had a big impact on other aspects of their lives also.

Was there a way to reach many more women, from many companies, many industries and many countries to share these powerful tools and encourage them to become the great leaders they can be? It turns out the answer was yes.  In 2016,  she founded Elevate and after six years has reached over 8000 women.

She is a mother to 2 children, who are both now at university (who she’s trying not to miss too much!).  She enjoys travelling, Pilates, skiing and a takeaway curry on a Friday night with her husband!

Jane Struver - 
Client Success Manager
Jane Struver - Client Success Manager

Jane is Elevate Talent’s Client Success Manager and Jacqueline’s right-hand woman. For Jane, the clients come first, sharing their journey through Elevate, responding to queries, hearing how participants enjoy the webinars and reading the great feedback we receive, each month.

She loves working from home, which is now on a remote northern Orkney Isle, with surprisingly good internet. Sometimes she has to pinch herself, that she gets to enjoy the working day from the comfort of home, surrounded by raw, beautiful nature.

Nature informs everything she does, from spending time either alone in nature or with her husband, Clive and their senior dog, Cookie. It also informs and nurtures her spirit practice of Shamanism, having qualified as a practitioner over 15 years ago.

Vicky Duran - 
Graphic Designer
Vicky Duran - Graphic Designer

Vicky has been a designer for over 20 years and loves the design process and the creativity it allows. Vicky has brought her experience and passion for what she does to Elevate; she is instrumental in raising our brand and engaging our members; from images, presentations and the handouts we offer members, to assist them with their learning journey.

When she is not creating visual delights for Elevate, she loves spending time with her family, going on long walks and reading, but not at the same time!

She is a mummy to two girls and one dog, which keeps her pretty busy and often offers moments of inspiration for great design ideas in the most unlikely places.

Ally Frost - Research Assistant
Ally Frost - Research Assistant

Ally is the scientist of the team. She recently graduated with a 2:1 in Biomedical Sciences from Newcastle University and is now doing a Masters in Regenerative Medicine at Queen Mary University, London.

A keen researcher, she is the engine behind the many facts and figures shared in the Elevate sessions and blogs.  She also gets roped into a range of admin duties which she is frequently told are character building!

She has a wide range of really good friends and is one of those people who ‘gets on with everybody’.  She enjoys Resistance training, skiing and hopes to finally get the chance to explore the world.

Meet The Trainers!

The people who share their experience and insights to deliver; in the words of our members: truly “eye opening, life changing” webinars.

Gavin Scott - Customer Experience Expert
Gavin Scott - Customer Experience Expert

Gavin is a Customer Experience expert.  He has been delivering inspirational and entertaining seminars and workshops since 2009.  He has over 20 years’ experience working in fast paced market leading organisations, with key responsibilities ranging from managing tactical contact centre environments, to delivering forward thinking development interventions to all levels.

He loves telling stories! In fact, he tells that many stories that sometimes people think he is making them up! They’re all true though and really help to transfer the learning during the events that he delivers. He has become known with Elevate members for his range of great one liners or quotes and manages to throw at least 2 or 3 impromptu ones into each session he delivers for Elevate.

He’s a down to earth guy, a family man who loves spending time with and often talking about his wife, Amy and their three kids, Sam, Lulu and Maddie!!

Kevin Hall - Business Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Presenter
Kevin Hall - Business Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Presenter

Kevin is a Business Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Presenter and also by the look of this photo, thoughtful. Which makes perfect sense given he co-runs a seven figure training company!

He has known and worked with Jacqueline (Founder of Elevate) for 12 years and enjoys co-presenting the Elevate webinars, enormously.

He loves communication and helping small businesses create winning cultures. During a recent webinar, he shared that he has a Reflector personality, which resonated with so many of the attendees, and was a lightbulb moment for many on their own way of being.

Hobbies wise, he enjoys reading business and psychology books, especially those that apply sport. He  plays golf, runs and loves competing in both. Recently he took up Stand Up Paddleboarding and appreciates it when he doesn’t fall in the water!

Nicky Perfect - The Communication Coach
Nicky Perfect - The Communication Coach

With 30 years as a Metropolitan police officer and the last 10 years spent as a hostage and crisis negotiator for New Scotland Yard, Nicky has many stories to tell about the art of negotiation.

She has travelled the world teaching negotiation and working with Her Majesties Government on international operations (kidnap, crime in action and suicide intervention), and also had the privilege of talking to hundreds or people in crisis and sharing in their stories.

Nicky spent many years as the Director of Training (and was the first female director) of the National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation training unit in the UK. She was responsible for designing and training police officers across the UK and assessing their capability as negotiators, focusing on how to apply confident communication skills to difficult situations.

On retiring from the police Nicky purchased her local garage and converted the car showroom into a coffee shop and gym keeping the garage workshop, creating a community hub. She also works as a trainer and coach helping others communicate with confidence, be heard and have difficult conversations.

Over the years Nicky learned the skills and processes to create a system of building trust quickly in very difficult circumstances.

Her mission is to share those lessons she learnt as a negotiator to help others improve their communication /negotiation skills and ultimately their relationships in life and work.

Learn more about me and my work:

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Developing culture and behaviours where lawyers can enjoy a great career-lifestyle
Developing culture and behaviours where lawyers can enjoy a great career-lifestyle

Parul became the EMEA sports marketing counsel for Nike at 28, which was not within the range of anticipated outcomes she had growing up, but it happened anyway.

Nearly 20 years later, she now channels her gregarious infectious energy into supporting lawyers and legal teams develop culture and behaviours that sets them up for a better version of success. Ditching exhaustion and reconnecting wellbeing, inclusivity and performance in a way that delivers better outcomes for all.  She brings this expertise to Elevate – not just in the content shared with members in the monthly sessions but also to the team.  In fact, she is one of an elite group of people who have managed to get Jacqueline to slow down, to get ahead!

She is the founder of Fuel+Move, host of Water+Air podcast sharing the ordinary that powers extraordinary and is the creator of a YouTube talk show, LiveLaughLaw.  She serves as a non-executive director at Welsh Triathlon and board adviser to leadership development tech innovation company, CobaltIED.

She enjoys all kinds of sport from football to triathlon and loves hosting dining extravaganzas, as long as guests accept that dishes are a creation of imagination and intuition!

Founder Fuel+Move

Podcast Host of Water+Air

Creator and Host of Live Laugh Law talk show

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